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Trilogy: By Queen Memnon
Three epics that show the rise and lean toward the fall of the evil tyrant Memnon from The Scorpion King.
QM's Note: Ever wonder just who Memnon was, where he came from and what he did to gain power and eventually get all evil? Well, here's my interpretation. While some historical facts might be a little contradictory, keep in mind that I'm not a historian. I'm a writer! :)
#1: The King of Prophecy
Memnon starts his record as a soldier during a war between Memnon's people, the Assyrians, and a barbarian tribe named the Goreons. The only thing standing between the Goreons and complete rule of the Assyria is the capital. Memnon's regiment must keep the barbarians from taking over. When the commander is killed, Memnon must step up and lead his people to victory, but will he prevail? And if he does, will he become more than just a commander?
Rated PG13 for some graphic Stabbidy Death scenes
*divided into semi-chapters. Just click on the links below to view the chapters.*
Chapter 1: Warrior In Training:
Chapter 3: (More of an epilogue than a chapter cuz it's really short)
#2: A Warlord's Justice
A cocky young king Memnon must save the kingdom of Avonlea from an evil sorceress who's really messing up his conquest plans. This evil witch wants both her sister Shardea (Avonlea) and Memnon dead. To overthrow the evil sorceress, Memnon must first conquer her impossibly stubborn sister.Can Memnon and Shardea work together to save the kingdom without killing one another?
Memnon's last major act of nobility before turning to the dark side. Features a psychic that resembles Sully Erna from Godsmack!! =)
Rated PG13 for overall content
**Note: OK guys, these chapters are kinda divided  funny cuz I got short-chapter happy. Since they're so short, I put two at a time. Don't freak out!
Chapters 1-2: Dark Divinations; Aftermath and Repercussions
Ch. 3-4: In the Shadow of Fear; The Assassin
Ch. 5-6: Out of the Darkness; The Battle
#3: Striving for Corruption
Absolute power corrupts, and the noble king Memnon is no exempt from this rule. The prequel to The Scorpion King, this story shows how Mem makes a transition from good to evil, and he does some heinous things in this one, from distancing his former best friend Thorak and turning him into one of his hundreds of scapegoats, to becoming a tyrant driven by lust for power, to killing inocent people, kidnapping little girls and destroying an entire city just for fun! Once a hero, no more! (Wait till you see how he handles his wife's infidelity, muwahaha)
**Author's note: This is probably the strongest of the Trilogy stories because Memnon has a serious character development. I promise you won't be disappointed by this one. And for those who didn't like Shardea from "A Warlord's Justice," this is the last time we see her alive before she gets...well, I can't tell you. You'll just have to find out for yourself.
Rated a very strong R for some sexual content and violence
**Some chapters posted together due to shortness. I tried to cut out the short-chapter happiness, but sometimes I can't help it!! o.O
PS-There's a special message for all of you at the end! ^_^ Just to say I care...
Chapters 1 & 2: Changes, Breakage Under Stress
Ch. 4: After the Storm
Ch. 5: Talking to Strangers
Ch. 6 & 7: Innocence and Evil, Nightfall Campaigns

Still haven't had enough of me yet?! Dang!! Well then you can read the lyrics to the theme songs for this series. I swear, it's not even as long as ONE of these things. LOL

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